Piracanjuba: Creating Fault Tolerant, Flexible and Cost-Effective SAP Hana Environments [PORTUGUESE]

Newegg Now Episode 38: Threadripper 2nd Gen


Tech news update August 13th 2018 Fortnite Google play Android security Deepmind AI and more

How Software Deals with Key Presses – Computerphile

SQUAD – ALL Emplacement Weapons Showcase

Is LG Ditching OLED??

YouTube’s AI Needs to Explain Itself

Amazon Redshift の紹介 | AWS (日本語字幕) (03:21)

CS Discoveries: The Draw Loop in Game Lab

This Is the Police 2 Why Am I Here Launch Trailer

$45 Air Cooler for THREADRIPPER? *Skepticism Intensifies*

How we Live Migrated Millions of BBM Users & its Infrastructure Across the Pacific (Cloud Next ’18)

Growing tomatoes this summer? Try this to 100% keep snails away!

AWS NY Summit – Kubernetes on AWS

Photobox Migrates to Amazon S3 with AWS Snowball Edge to Reduce Costs & Accelerate Innovation

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