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2) AWS Summit Tel Aviv 2017: Building ChatBots with Amazon Lex

When are articles violence?

LG G6 Long Term Review After 4 Months 2017 | Best Underrated Phone Of 2017

OPPO R11 Review

Sony XA1 Ultra Review 2017 | Should You Upgrade ?? YES !!

How ServiceChannel Automated Their AWS Environment with Puppet

232 TOFFEE DataCenter WAN Optimization – Google Hangouts demo and VOIP Optimization

5 things I hate about the Acer Predator X34 (AKA Why I need a bigger desk)

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Best Gaming Desktop PC’s for 2017

Original video found at

Compare the Cloud Interviews Dr. Laura Sophie Dornheim from Adblock Plus

230 How to become a programmer? And how companies should screen talented programmers?

Core i7-7800X vs. 7700K, 6 or 4-Cores for Gaming?

Paul’s Hardware

Your computer fixed for FREE? Sure, why not?

ASUS ROG POSEIDON GTX 1080Ti – Air Cooled or Water Cooled The Choice Is Yours

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