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Wie Licht uns beeinflusst und wie es Zuhause die Lebensqualität verbessern kann [Deutsch / German]

NZXT Nuka Cola Build #3 (of 4 Nuka Cola Builds)


Best Practices For Integrating And Securing Salesforce Data With AWS

Misc PC Builds and Repairs – DAY 10 – LIVE

Expertly Guided Cloud Migration

How to Do Predictive Analytics in BigQuery (Next Rewind ’18)

We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..

Tech news October 15th 2018 IRC turns 30 Apple says no to Australia OCtober 2018 updates to fix prob

NGDATA Provides Consumer Intelligence Solutions for Banks Using AWS

Cheap 1155 and 1156 Motherboards from China – Are they worth it?

Windows 10 October 2018 update How to check what apps are using battery the most

Z390 Motherboards Released, But Where’s Our 9900K & 9700K Testing?

Making a $35 Experimental Web-server Using Python, Lubuntu, and a Thinkpad

Misc PC Builds and Repairs – DAY 7 – LIVE

Opus Magnum – Play Me Maybe

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